Paleolithic art

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Paleolithic art and discover the ancient origins of human creativity. Uncover the secrets of our ancestors and be inspired by their masterpieces.
The poster showcases a selection of these ancient artworks, allowing students to study and appreciate the skills and creativity of our prehistoric ancestors. This poster is perfect for classrooms studying art history, history, anthropology, or archaeology. Sculptures, Ancient Art, Prehistoric, Art, Stone Sculptures, Archaeology, Paleolithic Period, Paleolithic Art, Ancient Statues

This poster set (3 versions in 3 different colors) features a collection of Paleolithic Venuses, also known as Venus figurines, that were created during the Upper Paleolithic period. These small statues, usually made of stone or bone, depict the female form and are thought to have been used in prehistoric rituals or as symbols of fertility.

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I am a freelance book and editorial illustrator. I was born in 1975 in Gdańsk, Poland, but I have lived in Sopot until the age of 32. I graduated from the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts in 2000 having a diploma with distinction in Graphic Design and Illustration. Since 2007 till 2018 I worked at Bilkent University, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture in Ankara, Turkey, as a visiting instructor of graphic design and illustration. Currently I live with my family in Gdynia, Poland.

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When was art born? Have you ever thought about art in that aspect? Was the birth of art incidental or something that came about due to deliberate thought and action? We are sure that the answer to this would be difficult to come about since there have been examples of early art that is also understood to be a recording of the happenings of that time. That is why when you look at cave paintings, they not only please the senses, but also tell you a story and provide you with information of…

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