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Get inspired to create your own paper castle for crafts and playtime. Discover top ideas to design and build a magical castle that will spark imagination and fun. | Ghadyn Manor (cardboard castle) | Junk Journal, Diy, Miniature, Cardboard House, Cardboard Castle, Cardboard Forts, Paper Houses, Paper Castle, Cardboard Box Crafts

First one of the year, no. 28 Background: Situated in the lush valley of Estuarn (In the Realm of Enoch), between the Harp & Hypon Rivers, sits the magnificent Ghadyn Manor. Though a royal family does not live here, the Manor remains guarded heavily, leaving guests wondering what secrets are held inside its walls… 99% cardboard 1% foam board Time it took me to make: 3 days

Queen of Brickshire

Make this adorable toilet paper roll castle using any cardboard tube you'd like! When you're done, decorate and play! Free template included

Chaya Leah
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Here are a few really nice models. I happened to come across them and tried them out right away with great results. Right click on the images and 'save' to your computer and then you are ready to print them out. The castle is fairly challenging, I'd put it at medium/difficult to assemble and takes a couple of hours at least. It is probably easier to assemble most of it before gluing it on to the base. Also I printed it out on A3 size paper and it's still pretty small! I've made the first one…

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