Paper claws

Unleash your creativity with these unique and creative paper claws ideas. Learn how to make your own paper claws and impress your friends with your DIY skills.
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How to Make Paper Claws

Learn how to make paper claws in less than 5 minutes! Or download and print our free template to make things really easy! These paper claws are a little bit scary, and a whole lot of fun. Use basic origami folds to transform 1 piece of regular printer paper into a menacing paper claw! These paper wolf claws are great for pretend play and are the perfect addition to a Halloween costume. This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a small commission…

One Little Project
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Schoolyard Origami, Part 2

I realized shortly after my first Schoolyard Origami post that there was one more thing I folded as a student that was not on the list. But instead of just taking on one more thing, I thought I would also include some diagrams showing how to fold some of these schoolyard models. ---Secret Note--- The beauty of this model is that a student can write a full page note on one side of the sheet (8.5in x 11in), then fold it into a neat, manageable envelope that will not unfold accidentally. In…

Jennifer Stay
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How to Create a Paper Claw

How to Create a Paper Claw: Hello, this instructable will help you make a paper claw! Easy 7 steps to make a claw. This is so easy to make because it will take you about less than 10 minutes if you know how to do it. I hope you enjoy and please vote for me in the paper conte…

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