Parent letters from teachers

Enhance the home-school connection with heartfelt parent letters from teachers. Discover how these letters can foster trust, communication, and collaboration to support your child's learning journey.
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This month I'm linking up to discuss parent communication. I will say my parents appreciate the systems I've put into place to keep them informed about their child's education. 1) Weekly Newsletter- every Monday students take home a newsletter in their folder. As you can see I let parents know what we're learning that week, important dates, notes and homework. 2) Classroom Website- every weekend I update the classroom website with the weekly newsletter above and important dates. I have…

Bridget Hoffmann
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I'm the kind of person that likes to get ready for the next year before the end of this year. I know. You can call me crazy. It's ok. I understand. But it's the way I am. So what am I getting ready? Forms to send home during Meet and Greet: My Parent Survey (it's free!). I keep this in my communication folder. This is what I send home so that I can take pictures for my blog. I know it has my information on it, but if you need it for something else, then maybe you can use it as a template…

Taryn Israelson
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I am not sure how you feel about parent-teacher conferences, but when chatting to colleagues, I have encountered everything from frustration and dislike, to enjoyment and gratification. Personally, I love them: I find that meeting the parents or guardians of the teens I work with every day can be the most insightful, valuable and constructive experience. Below are just a few of the top tips I have garnered from my many meetings with parents (often learned the hard way)…