Paria canyon

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Paria Canyon. Discover the best hiking trails, camping spots, and photography tips to make the most of your visit. Start planning your trip today!
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Located in the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness of Utah and Arizona, this spectacular and unique hike winds through one of the deepest and longest slot canyons in the world: Buckskin Gulch. Wavy sandstone walls twist their way to the sky for nearly thirteen miles, creating surreal patterns of light and sound. Buckskin Gulch is truly an amazing place, and visitors are sure to appreciate it’s stunning beauty.

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No matter how far you plan on hiking, it is ideal to get an early start so you aren’t hiking too long under the desert sun. National Parks, Bryce Canyon, Paria Canyon, Canyonlands, Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Western Coast, Places To Visit, Natural Landmarks

Avoid the crowds: Southern Utah is full of incredible things to do, leaving this particular canyon fairly unknown to the masses. Save a buck: Want the awe-inspiring view of Zion’s Narrows, steep walled wonder of Antelope Canyon, or the curious patterned lines of The Wave, but can’t drop $100 on an hour-long tour? Paria Canyon offers all of the above in one big package, and is completely free. $5/night to camp in the breathtaking (and unpopulated) campsite at the trailhead.

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