Paris living room decor

Transform your living room into a chic Parisian retreat with these elegant decor ideas. Discover how to add a touch of Parisian charm to your space and create a cozy, stylish atmosphere.
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High-End lnterior Design Firm who creates curated, collectible and harmonious spaces that will stand the test of time. We have a deep understanding of what creates harmonious and warm spaces. Anthology offers design services internationally (projects in New-York, Seattle, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Mumbai...).

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Few cities in the world have given a name to an interior design style, and Paris is definitely one of them. What makes Parisian style interiors such an eye-candy? I’d say it’s that they are so eclectic! Most of the interiors which scream “Paris” are set in what looks like an 18-19 century building with high ceilings, richly adorned with moldings...

Aurélie Simon