Parrot flying

Experience the beauty of parrots in flight with captivating photos and videos. Explore top ideas to create an enchanting parrot-friendly environment in your home.
Monk Parakeets Flying in Sky Palm Beach Gardens Florida by Captain Kimo, via Flickr Tropical Birds, Tropical Art, Colorful Birds, Green Parakeet, Monk Parakeet, Parrot Flying, Birds Flying, Dubai Garden, Palm Beach Gardens Florida I didn't have to go far for this photo. In fact I was sitting at home processing some photos when I heard some quaking outside. I grab my camera, ran outside and found a group of Monk Parakeets playing in the backyard. Go to My Profile for: * a list of my photography gear * a list of my tutorials * a list of software I use * a link to my website * to sign up for my monthly newsletter * add me to your Facebook

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Singer Island, Palm Beach