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Discover the fascinating world of patterns and their deeper meanings. Explore top ideas and insights to uncover the symbolism and significance behind different patterns.
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Explore the world of sacred geometry and discover the beauty and symbolism of these ancient geometric patterns. Our in-depth article covers the history and meanings of sacred geometry art and symbols.

Moni Malu
aaron-mobley-heart-of-afrika-designs-adinkra-symbol-meanings Tattoo, Symbols, Symbols And Meanings, Adinkra Symbols, Symbology, Sacred, Adinkra Cloth, Runes, Tarot

In the U.S., we don’t usually wear our hopes, dreams and wishes on our clothes. Well, except for when you want your sports team to win! We don’t weave talismans and protections into our fabric, even when we feel vulnerable to things that affect us. Should we? There is a way to do it without … Continue reading "Adinkra Cloth: Symbols to Tell a Story"

Erin Green
celtic knots and an actually reasonable discussion of meanings. Wicca, Tattoo Designs, Celtic Tattoos, Celtic Symbols, Tattoos, Tattoo, Symbols, Symbols And Meanings, Celtic Tattoo

Like their design, Celtic knots seems to have no beginning and no end in our lives. They appear in the earliest cave art and are everywhere in our daily lives. They decorate religious objects, architecture, fashion items, furniture, book designs and business cards. Celtic knot meanings have become so important that many people wear these […]

Rebecca Barilleaux
Quilting astronaut Karen Nyberg invites you to make a star-themed quilt block for her Astronomical Quilts Block Challenge! Click through for block ideas plus links to Karen’s stories about her out-of-this world quilting experience. Quilting Patterns, Patchwork, Quilting, Quilt Blocks, Quilts, Star Quilts, Applique, Star Quilt Blocks, Star Quilt Patterns

Think about you, quilting. Pair that image with your wildest, most wouldn’t-it-be-amazing dream. What does your marvel of a quilting experience look like? For astronaut Karen Nyberg, her quilting adventure was a literal out-of-this world event: making a quilt block in orbit, on the International Space Station. Wow! Inspiration doesn’t come on a scale much …

Kathleen Curd