Patterned tea towels

Elevate your kitchen decor with these creative and stylish ideas for patterned tea towels. Discover how to add a touch of charm and personality to your kitchen with these unique designs.
Dust Bunnies Under My Loom: Twill Striped Cottolin Tea Towels Bunnies, Inspiration, Dust Bunnies, Towel, Woven, Loom, Dust, Rigid Heddle Weaving, Towel Pattern

After the striped tea towels that I wove in June there was still some small cones of cottolin left so I decided to mke one more tea towel warp to finish the cones off. I started with a draft that I had used last year that had ribbon like stripes thinking that it would be good in using up the all the colours. This was a time consuming draft to make because I measured each colour separately in order to have an accurate thread count, and then I wound the thread back onto the cone. This ensured…

Heather McChesney

I love crafting with tea towels because these blank canvases are a perfect jumping-off point for all kinds of creativity. I have rounded up 15 ways to decorate tea towels so you can unleash your creativity today!

Lisa Robason
Dust Bunnies Under My Loom: Eight Shaft Twill Tea Towels For A Stainless Steel Kitchen Sewing Projects, Towel Pattern, Weaving Projects, Weaving Patterns, Darning, Towel, Weaving Designs, Woven, Patterned Tea Towels

I enjoyed my last tea towel warp so much that I immediately put on another. I chose a colour sequence that I thought would appeal to people with stainless steel appliances, so black, white, light grey, stone and just a hit of red.I created this draft based upon one of Russell E. Groffs’ patterns called Linen Squares, found in 200 Patterns for Multiple Harness Looms. This is the original draft which I amended quite a bit. I changed the squares to rectangles by cutting out or increasing the…

Kristin Abbet