Penalty kick

Learn how to improve your penalty kick skills with expert tips and techniques. Take your soccer game to the next level and increase your chances of scoring with these valuable insights.
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There's perhaps no other refereeing decision, in any sport, that causes the deep emotional reaction of the awarding of a penalty kick. When the call is made for a spot kick from 12 yards out, the response is typically either a flurry of expletives and impending sense of doom or the feeling of utter joy derived from receiving a blessing, depending on which side of the call you are.And it seems these feelings are warranted — stats show that there’s a 75-80% chance of the penalty being…

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The reward for Josef Martínez’s frankly insane penalty kick routine is an unreadable technique that makes it easy to best keepers from the spot, as evidenced by the Atlanta United forward’s 14-for-16 penalty record in MLS. The risk is that it makes him look like a huge weirdo and sets him up for ridicule when he…