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Recharge ✷ Boundaries ✷ Control After a period of great growth, you are feeling ready to take some time for yourself. If you are feeling tired or worn down, it might be time to take a step back from your work and close yourself off from others. Your resources and your health are intimately linked, so if you are using up too much energy on external responsibilities, it’s time to turn inwards and caretake yourself. Fear not if others see this period as one of greed or scarcity—in fact you are…

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The Major Arcana tarot card illustrates the structure of human consciousness and holds the keys to life lessons passed down throughout the ages. Its imagery is commonly filled with wisdom from multiple cultures and esoteric traditions, including Egyptian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Hebrew and Christian religions.

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Divine Feminine Tarot – Page 2 – Cocorrina® & Co Tarot Cards Wallpaper, Divine Feminine Tarot, Suit Of Pentacles, Page Of Pentacles, Pentacles Tarot, Celebrating Women, Tarot Guide, Find Your Purpose, 카드 디자인

Purposeful ✷ Eager ✷ Hardworking The Page will help you find your purpose. The Page of Pentacles is in true connectedness with the suit of Pentacles, being hardworking, eager, and purpose-driven. She wants to contribute to the world in some way, and is often found dreaming about where her path might take her.

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The Eight of Pentacles suggests you are working away at the finer details of the various aspects of your life, in an effort to continuously improve your situation. You may be unhappy with your current state and you know you need to make some important changes in your life to increase your overall satisfaction. This card is a really positive sign that you are committed to making those changes and to ensuring that you give yourself the best possible chance. Overall, this is a very hard-working…

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