Peppa pig muddy puddles

Join Peppa Pig on a muddy puddles adventure and discover fun activities to make the most out of this exciting experience. Get ready to jump, splash, and explore with Peppa!
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PEPPA'S MUDDY PUDDLE BOOTS - 'Soft plush yellow wellies that replicate Peppa's Muddy Puddle Boots and let any child become Peppa Pig! If you love jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa you will love these official licensed indoor use muddy puddle boots 2 ACTIVE PLAY MODES - Play mode 1: SPLISH SPLASH muddy puddle sounds as you walk or jump. Play mode 2; the Peppa Pig theme tune. Simply press to select either mode and the faster you run the faster the music or SPLISH SPLASH sounds! ROLE PLAY FUN…