Pet theme dramatic play

Spark your child's imagination with these creative pet theme dramatic play ideas. Foster their social and cognitive skills while having fun with these engaging activities.
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Our Pet Shop

This fall we had lots of fun playing in our pet shop. Everyone wanted to buy a pet and carry it around with them all day. We talked about how pets are a big responsibility. They need to be fed everyday, they need get exercise and they also need a place to sleep. I found the kennels at the thrift store years ago. The cats and dogs I found at the dollar tree. It was fun to have matching pets on the shelf then clean up became a matching game. We used pom poms for our dog and cat food. We also…

Carolyn Mensch
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Vet/Pet Groomer PLAY PACK - Top Teacher

A complete Vet/Pet Groomer Play Pack to bring play into your classroom. Printables included in this amazing pack include: Posters Bunting Labels Word Wall Cards Word Desk Mat Pet information posters How to posters Medicine labels Price list for groomer

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