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Discover unique and creative petri dish ideas for your science experiments. Explore a variety of innovative ways to cultivate and observe microorganisms in your lab.
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Beneath our sheath of skin is an internal world both vast and complex. While most of us rarely get to see it, these workings of our systems and organs are the daily viewing of pathologists, particularly when it comes to disease. A new book of photography takes us into our own interiors, and shows that even with their horrid ravaging of our bodies, there is some beauty in these afflictions.

Heylane Ferreira
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The AmericanSociety for Microbiologists has hosted its first international 'Agar Art' challenge, in which microbiologists from around the world used various microbes and germs to create beautiful works of art in petri dishes. The submissions included recognizable paintings like Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' as well as original microbe paintings.

Renee Lynn
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BioArt has not yet been defined in a way that is accepted by artists. Some artists, for example, make DNA models and call that BioArt. To me, BioArt has to be art that contains and creates a living thing and an active process. To put it another way, the organism used has to sustain its life and development in/on the work. As Eduardo Kac puts it, “Works that illustrate biological subject-matter, in other words, DNA models, chromosome diagrams, human body models, videos, and photographs of…

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