Picasso portraits

Discover the captivating world of Picasso portraits and explore the masterpieces created by this iconic artist. Immerse yourself in the beauty and creativity of Picasso's unique style.
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Picasso inspired Portraits Step 1) Picasso, Abstract Art and Cubism For our first art lesson I chose a Picasso inspired project since the students have learned about the artist and Cubism in their arts unit already. As an introduction to our project the students watched a video about Picasso, Abstract Art and Cubism. I showed the student some of his portrait paintings and we talked about Picasso's abstract way of painting and expressing feelings by showing a face from two or more sides in…

Chelsea Volkart
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There are so many ways to teach Picasso portraits, I'm working with 3rd grade so I wanted to keep it simple. I'll show them some of Picasso's Portraits and then go into the project - demonstrating each step. I'm going to ask them to create diagonal folds, not even folds that create squares on their page, but more random folds. They should make about 5 folds and then using a ruler go over the fold lines with a sharpie. Looking at the lines on their page and turning it around from different…

Daniela Gauxmann