Place value activities

Make learning about place value fun and interactive with these engaging activities. Discover top ideas to help your child master this important math concept.
It doesn't matter if you're teaching whole number place value or decimal place value--hands-on instruction is key! This blog post is packed with free resources for teachers. Maths Centres, 4th Grade Maths, Pre K, Decimal, 2nd Grade Math, 3rd Grade Math, Math Centers, Math Stations, Teaching Place Values

Place value is one of the foundations of math, so it makes sense that when our students don’t understand it at a conceptual level, they struggle when learning new concepts (e.g. multiplying and dividing by powers of ten). Teachers are pressured to move kids through a curriculum when they know what their students need is solid […]

Trista Oldenburg
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I love incorporating games into math as much as possible. Who doesn't love playing games, right?! But the problem with games is that they often require quite a bit of prep work for us teachers. I've been trying to come up with some that require little to no preparation to use. I'm so excited to

Jessica Hughes