Plywood chair

Discover the latest trends in modern and stylish plywood chair designs. Upgrade your home decor with these unique and comfortable seating options for your living room or dining area.
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I love no-frills plywood furniture. Admittedly, some of these look about as comfortable as a burlap sack full of rocks, but still, big points for minimalism and DIY aesthetics. They're for sale, by designers ROLU, but geez, if you're gonna own something that looks like you made it yourself you might as well have the pleasure, and the pride, of actually having made it yourself. Good for inspiration, though.

Sterling St Eloi

In our world, new collections take time. Aside from inspiration-seeking and ideation, the logistics of producing premium quality, American-made furniture using only natural, domestic materials takes years to get just right. But one way we do have an opportunity to explore more ephemeral sources of inspiration and seasonality is with color and upholstery. It also

Sam Antonello
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A pair of armchairs and a side table/foot stool in plywood. Originally designed by Ernö Goldfinger in 1937, which can be seen in the architect’s family home, 2 Willow Road (completed in 1939 and lived in until his death in 1987. The building is now owned by the National Trust, since 1995, and is open...

Labiba Masha'al