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Discover creative and stylish pocket vase ideas to add a touch of elegance to your home decor. Find the perfect pocket vase to showcase your favorite flowers and create a stunning focal point in any room.
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PNW Spirit -- Fused Glass Pocket Wall Flower Vase

Hand made gifting made simple! These fun little wall-mounting pocket vases are created by fusing pieces of art glass together in a kiln using special fusing fiber paper in the center to create a "well" once the two pieces of glass have been fired together. Each piece is cut from a chosen section of a sheet of specialty art glass. Flowers not included. The openings are generally narrow and shallow but can hold from a teaspoon of water to several teaspoons (depending on vase chosen as the…

Laguna Beach Glass Art
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"Blue Glass Pocket Vase, 4\" x 4\", Glass Hanging Window Vase, Fused Glass Vase, Kiln-worked glass, Stained Glass, HV113"

This 4" x 4" baby blue glass pocket vase is fully water proof and can be used to hang fresh, dried or artificial flowers in your window or on a wall. Perfect as a bud vase or a small flower arrangement. Just add water for fresh flowers. Hang with a suction cup or from a cup hook or picture hanger. Cotton cord is supplied but the holes are suitable for clear fishline or other hanging material. The baby blue fused glass window or wall vase is made by heating the two pieces of compatible glass…

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Pocket paper vases

Happy Memorial day! Have you got some empty toilet paper rolls hanging around? Well look what you can make with them! I have a brand where the roll is white and another brand where the roll is kraft colored. Either way they will make cute little paper vases. Start by flattening (folding) your roll in half, I used a burnisher to score my folds. On the bottom of your roll, fold up about 1/4" of an inch and score to flatten. Looks like this.... If you want you can try to cut one of your vases…

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