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Join the Pokemon 20th anniversary celebration with these exciting and creative ideas. From themed parties to DIY crafts, explore the world of Pokemon and unleash your inner trainer.
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Togepi (トゲピー, Togepii?, trans. Togepii) (TOE-geh-pee[1]) is a Fairy-type (formerly Normal-type) Baby Pokémon introduced in Generation II. Togepi is a Pokémon who appears to not have fully hatched out of its shell yet; only its head and stubby hands and feet appear out of its egg's shell. The parts of its body that appear are a pale, cream color, whereas the shell is predominantly white. Togepi's shell also has red and blue markings, shaped as triangles but one of them looks like a square…

Tommy sommer
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Description ★ Please do not edit, reproduce or redistribute ★ I started working on this last year for the Pokémon 20th anniversary, but things happened, I got very busy with school and could only finish almost exactly a year later. I love all generations of Pokémon, but Gen 1 is truly special indeed. There's something in particular I can only feel with the first 151, so I knew I had to draw all of them one day . PS: I kinda want to sell this as a poster, but I'm doubtful about copyright…


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