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Explore the world of Polaroid photography and learn how to capture unique and nostalgic moments. Discover tips, tricks, and inspiration to enhance your photography skills and create stunning Polaroid images.
This Man Took A Polaroid Every Day For 18 Years Until The Day He Died, And It'll Break Your Heart | Bored Panda Bored Photography, Bard College, Polaroid Photography, Break Your Heart, Circus Performers, Brain Surgery, Valentines Day Photos, Image Bank, Polaroid Pictures

This Man Took A Polaroid Every Day For 18 Years Until The Day He Died, And It'll Break Your Heart

Jamie Livingston is sadly no longer with us, but his incredibly intimate photography project will ensure that he'll never be forgotten. The project began on March 31st 1979, when the native New Yorker (and then college student) took a single photograph. He then took a picture every day for the next 18 years, a tradition he maintained right until the day he died in 1997.

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How to Take Good Polaroids and Instant Photos (12 Top Tips)

We all love the look of Polaroids and instant photos. They have a certain charm and nostalgia that digital photos can't quite replicate. But what if you're not happy with the results you've been getting? Here are our top tips to help you take good Polaroids and instant photos every time.

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Why Polaroid Photography is Always in Style - 35mminstyle

Today I talk about one of my obsession which is Polaroid Photography and why it is always in style. Plus I give tips on how to use Polaroid at its best.

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