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Discover tips, advice, and inspiration for police wives. Learn how to support your spouse in their important role and find strength in the police wife community.
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In this blog I share five of the most common police wife struggles, struggles of dating a police officer, and how to address them. For example, dating a cop is lonely and you have looming police officer marriage statistics (that I will debunk). But, law enforcement wives are brave, independent, and can thrive in marriage.

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You know that phrase, "There's something about a man in uniform"? It's totally true. But it's not just that they're super attractive. That "something" is also a little quirkiness that comes from sleep deprivation, a high-stress career, and quite frankly, close contact with some weird people. Police officers live a weird life and, as a

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As a [now] police wife who was dating a cop for 10 years, I'm excited to tell you about dating a cop, dating police officer, how to date a cop, and share my dating a cop book. I will answer your questions "what is a cop looking for in a relationships?", "what is it like being a police officer girlfriend?", "are police officers controlling in relationships?", "Is it hard to date a police officer?", "being in a relationship with a police officer?", "dating a cop personality" & "reasons…