Pool nets

Ensure the safety of your loved ones by using pool nets. Learn about the benefits of pool nets and find the perfect solution for your pool.
Swimming Pool Cleaner 'pool Skim Assist WITHOUT LEAF NET Let Skim Assist Do the Work for You - Etsy Ideas, Pool Cleaning, Swimming Pool Cleaners, Pool Maintenance, Pool Care, Pool Storage, Above Ground Pool, Pool Nets

Tired of constantly scooping leaves, pine needles, etc. from your swimming pool surface, even with pool vac in operation and pool skimmer open? Well, relax and put down that long pole attached to a basket full of debris! Simply place SKIM ASSIST at desired location around the pool perimeter and allow it to passively collect water surface debris. Shipped in 2 pieces, minus collection basket. Simply fill the base with water then press basket extruder onto base! You're done! Any minor…

Karen Brewer