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Hello, my name is Solomon and I am a Print ADdict. It all started on a beautiful summer day when I fired up my laptop and decided to cherish the fact that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. So I decided to put my creative skills to test and challenged myself to 365 days of print ads.

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The Evolution of Apple Ads | 1980s  #advertising #history #apple #ad #1980...Appealing to business leaders -buy an Apple as an incentive and a motivational tool. Retro, Vintage, Apple Inc, Apple Advert, Apple, Apple Advertising, Apple Products, Vintage Apple, Apple Computer

Apple first started advertising its products in the late 1970s.The 80s showed a wide variety of ads, some of which served to convince consumers that they should purchase a computer, and specifically an Apple.These ads were text-heavy and light on images , as were many computer and technology ads from that era.Apple ads really came into their heyday during the 1990s, with the "Think Different" campaign, which became very popular as they featured a number of famous people.Here's a stunning…

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