Porcelain signs

Explore a wide selection of vintage porcelain signs for sale. Find unique and collectible gems to add character to your space. Start your collection today!
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Here are photos of a few of my latest collectables that I have added to my advertising collection. To view a larger image, click on the image and click the return arrow to return to this blog. Kotex Company Tin Display table 1920's 25" Tall Squirrel Peanut Butter Tin 3 3/4" Tall Eveready 9-Lives Battery Porcelain Sign 23½" x 17¼" Dekalb Porcelain Sign 54" x 42" Coca Cola Door Push-Style Porcelain Sign 1940's 53¼" Tall Original Coca Cola Festoon Artwork 22 3/4" x 28" Original Coca Cola…

Don Montgomery