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About this item Classic blue and white porcelain temple dragon jar vase, Ming style Size:20"high, 11" diameter Beautifully designed dragon temple with vine and flower pattern Around vase, there are sea wave pattern on neck One of most classic and popular shape vases in China

josé angel
Fragile Fingers on a Grand Piano by Marcel Wanders | From a unique collection of antique and modern sculptures at https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/decorative-objects/sculptures/

Fragile fingers on a grand piano, 2013. In delft blue ink, a symbol of Dutch tradition and beauty, Marcel created a series of experimental porcelain arms, exact copies of the beautiful, renowned pianist Iris Hond’s real arms, through a process of 3D scanning, prototyping and casting. Each piece is hand-painted and every tattoo design is different, turning these pieces into limited unique pieces. Richly decorated hands become true icons, tattooed in Delft Blue from the elbow until the…

Michelle Syfert-Weis
Contemporary Art, Statue, China, Delft, China Exhibition, Contemporary Artists, China Art, Exhibition, Contemporary

Recent cases illustrating a developing uniformization of cultural identities across the world have led numerous artists to ponder the phenomenon of cultural globalization. My Blue China sheds new light on the issues at hand, bringing together the works of 12 internationally renowned contemporary artists who explicitly reference blue and white porcelain. [...]

Emily Mcleod
Artist Makes “Porcelain” Weapons To Explore What It Means To Be A Woman | Bored Panda Elaborate, D&d, Blue Fashion, Rpg, Instagram Artist, Revolution, Kunst, Dnd Dragons, Sanat

Helena Hauss is a 29-year-old French artist who was “bored and raised” in Paris, where she currently resides. While mostly known for her extremely detailed ball-point pen drawings, Hauss has recently branched out into the world of sculptures. In an interview with Bored Panda, Helena detailed her decision to switch media.

Naomi Bardoff
Translated Vase (TVW 6), 2013 (detail), ceramic shards, epoxy, 24k gold leaf, 27 x 26 x 27 1/2 inches Gold Cracks Japanese Art, Modern Japanese Art, Separation Art, Shattered Porcelain, Kintsugi Vase, Cracked Porcelain, Porcelain Design, Kintsugi Art, Porcelain Pottery

Korean artist Yeesookyung masterfully produces imperfect sculptures, bulbous yet elegant works composed from mismatched porcelain. The series, titled “Translated Vase,” was first inspired by the Korean artisan tradition of destroying porcelain works that are not deemed pristine, and she has continued to make the fused pieces since 2001. Intrigued by these tossed aside works and shards, Yee began saving fragmented tea cups and pots rejected by contemporary masters. Honoring the works’…

Holly Laws

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