Pottery Jar

Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with unique pottery jar ideas. Explore the top designs and styles to find the perfect jar that complements your interior.
Danish ceramic jar container with lid. Handcrafted footed pottery jar decorated with carvings and a bird on lid. Perfect for jam or sugar. - Etsy 日本 Bathroom Containers, Ceramic Lidded Containers, Ceramic Lidded Vessels, Ceramic Modeling, Danish Background, Lidded Jars Pottery, Lidded Vessel, Clay Jars, Bathroom Jars

Danish Ceramic Jar Container With Lid. Handcrafted Footed Pottery Jar Decorated With Carvings and a Bird on Lid. Perfect for Jam or Sugar. - Etsy

This tri-footed container vessel jar with bird lid has a grey green glaze on the outside and inside. It has a carved exterior, that gives it an interesting look and texture. The three feet on the bottom is my signature detail. Dimensions: Height: 11.5cm inc. bird lid and feet Width at widest: 9cm Width at opening: 5cm My danish background is very prominent in my ceramics. A sense of white and silverbirch is reflected in my designs. All pottery is designed and handmade by me. I work in series…


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