Prayer against curses

Find strength and protection through powerful prayers to break free from curses. Discover how to overcome negative influences and experience spiritual freedom in your life.
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🙏✞ 26 Divine Prayers against Curses: Find Protection ✞🙏 |

✝️More prayers for protection against evil at✝️ When you are seeking protection against curses, these 26 divine prayers are here to help you.

Kelli Miller
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Prayer Points To Crush Evil Altars and Curses

Today we will be dealing with prayer points to crush evil altars and curses. Evil altars are demonic standard that has been raised concerning the life of an individual. Much like a generational curse, these altars are covenanted and until the covenant is broken, whoever is the victim will not be saved. Curses are negative […]

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30 Midnight Prayer Points Against Witchcraft Powers

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Witchcraft powers are real, but the power of God is even more real and powerful. No devil can match God, and no witchcraft power can resist the name of Jesus Christ. Today, we shall be looking at 30 midnight prayers against witchcraft powers. Witches and […]