Prayers before meals

Discover heartfelt prayers to say before meals to express gratitude for the food and blessings in your life. Start each meal with a meaningful prayer to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness.
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You might have heard the typical saying “Pray before meals”. This is a common theme and mantra in various households. I grew up hearing this every time we wanted to eat. As a young boy, it was discomforting since I was oblivious to the reason behind this prayer. However, as I grew up and became … 8 Prayers for Blessing Food: Pray before meals! Read More »

Melanie Estell
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Use these 7 common table prayers at meal time to start your time of refreshment by asking for God’s blessings. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post where you can download a free printable of these prayers to use right away. Does your family have common table prayers they say before dinnerContinue Reading

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Prayer Before Meals. We don't often think about prayer before meals. Let's consciously remember God's gifts to us each time we grab a bite to eat.

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