Praying hands tattoo design

Express your spirituality with a stunning praying hands tattoo design. Discover top ideas to create a meaningful and visually appealing tattoo that represents your faith.
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With tattoo trends changing almost as often as the trends on social media, there still are some tattoo styles that defy time, gaining immunity to any and all passing-by trends. Want to guess which tattoos we are talking about? Yup, you’re absolutely right; it’s American traditional tattoos! To honor this never-dying trend, we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful specimens done in recent days, and although these old-school tattoos did change during the period of their natural evolution…

Bruno Olivera
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Let’s show your allegiance to Christianity with the 15 cross tattoo ideas for men. We prepared stylish designs and their meanings for religious people. Look through their symbolism and get ready to book an appointment.

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Although it has been said a thousand times before, it doesn’t make it less accurate — self-esteem starts with loving yourself, first and foremost. Now, there are tons of ways and thousands of paths to finding love for yourself, and one of them is getting empowering self-love tattoos to serve as a constant reminder of your worth and beauty.

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Illusions and tattoos were destined to go hand-in-hand. Optical illusion tattoos are pieces of art that do as the name says — mess with the eyes. Though at first, it might seem like a simple work of ink on the skin, in reality, tattoos like these are some of the most creative things ever. A brilliant optical illusion tattoo is clever in its deception.