Pre k graduation

Celebrate your child's pre-K graduation with these memorable ideas. Create lasting memories and make this milestone a special occasion for your little one.
Upper Elementary Snapshots: 10 Must-Do Ideas for End of School Year Ceremony Spiderman, Ideas, York, Desserts, Treats, Ice Cream Sundae, Ice Cream, Sundae, Flavors

Are you looking for ideas for an end of year ceremony? You will find creative ideas for before, during, and after the ceremony! Your students will be engaged, your parents will be shedding tears, and you will be a rock star! Read on to find out more and grab a freebie! BEFORE THE CEREMONY 1. WIGGLE WORMS: All children get a little wiggly when it comes to sitting for a lengthy period of time. Promise a handful of gummy worms after the ceremony and tell them to wiggly the worms into their…

Sally Kruse