Pre marriage counseling questions

Prepare for a strong and healthy marriage by asking these important pre-marriage counseling questions. Explore topics that will strengthen your bond and set a solid foundation for your future together.
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Whether you're determined to see a pre-marriage counselor or you're on the fence, take a peek into what you can expect, with these 27 questions typically asked in premarital counseling.

Lise Klerekoper, LCSW, MAC
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SHOW NOTES Pray together and then discuss these questions. Spiritual ☐ 1. Do you share the same spiritual background? (If different, how so?) ☐ 2. How much spiritual involvement are you going to have with your spouse? (How many times per week will you pray with each other? How often will you do devotionals and … Continue reading 038 Marriage: A Pre-Marital Checklist

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