Prehistoric dinosaurs

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Here, we see Dimetrodon (with varying sail configurations, which is actually very true to life) stalking various 'amphibian' beasties. By far my favourite of these is the one on the right (also starring Eryops); the background detail is just wonderful. Dinosaur Crafts Preschool, Prehistoric Wildlife, All Dinosaurs, Prehistoric World, Jurassic World Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Crafts, Palaeontology, Paleo Art, Extinct Animals

Given the quality of the illustrations, I couldn't possibly feature only the dinosaurs from Prehistoric Animals (part of the Private Lives of Animals series). Here, then, are a few of those otherprehistoricanimals from the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic, as illustrated by Allen, Buonanno, Budicin, Burian, al. We'll start with a firm favourite - a synapsid with so much pop-culture baggage (sorry, appeal) that it's often considered an Honorary Dinosaur. And it's a fine illustration of…