Process Art

Spark your child's creativity with these fun and engaging process art activities. Explore hands-on techniques and discover the joy of self-expression through art.

Foil Transfer Art: This is a fun, colorful project that anyone can create. Experiment with different colors, designs, and patterns. The end product looks like you've tie-dyed your paper. It makes a beautiful framed gift, homemade card, or simple wall art. This proj…

Dionis Roman
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Turn crumpled pieces of paper into colorful artwork in this fun art project for kids. This easy art activity is inspired by the children’s book, Ish, by Peter H. Reynolds! The colorful paper has such a cool texture when finished and can be used for making collages or writing notes! (This post contains affiliate links.) …

Olio Studio
Monster Blow Painting with Straws | Blow Paint Monsters Craft Summer, Pre K, Play, Process Art, Diy, Straw Art For Kids, Sensory Art, Painting Crafts For Kids, Sensory Crafts

Monster blow painting is such a fun art project for kids! First use a straw to blow liquid paint around a piece of paper. Then add googly eyes and other details to transform the colourful paint splatters into monsters! This simple process art activity gives such cool results, and you'll end up with a unique design every time! Use your imagination to create your monsters and make them as friendly, cute, silly, or even as scary as you'd like. It's such a fun craft for Halloween or anytime of…

One Little Project
Process Art for Preschoolers: Painting with Yarn and Tempera Paint Letter Y Art Preschool, Preschool Science Activities Easy, Activities For Preschoolers, Sport Art Projects, Preschool Painting, Children Painting, Preschool Art Projects, Yarn Painting, Sensory Art

Here’s another fun and easy process art project for preschoolers– painting with yarn or string. My kids loved exploring all the designs they could create using yarn as their painting tool! Follow our Art for Kids Pinterest board! I’ve been having so much fun surprising the kids with simple art activities to do after school. …