Pumpkin garden

Transform your outdoor space with these creative pumpkin garden ideas. Explore unique ways to incorporate pumpkins into your garden and create a festive atmosphere.
Giant pumpkins are a fun way to involve your family in a whole new gardening adventure. The process is no harder than growing any other vining plant, but a few extra steps are required to ensure an overly large, well cared for pumpkin by the time you harvest. This article explains the whole process and highlights the tips you need for success. All you need is the space to plant your seed (or seedling) and a little bit of shade to ensure protection. #giantpumpkintips #caringforpumpkin Aberdeen, Pumpkin Growing, Pumpkin Garden, Planting Pumpkin Seeds, Grow Pumpkins From Seeds, Planting Pumpkins, Grow Pumpkins, How To Plant Pumpkins, How To Grow Pumpkins

Giant, oversized pumpkins are always a focal point to those visiting pumpkin patches each autumn. These grand fruits grab the attention of all who see them, and are priced accordingly due to the care and attention they require to reach their large sizes. Because of this they often create awesome backdrops for fall-inspired photographs, but ... Read moreGiant Pumpkins: How to Grow and Care For Your Own

Amy Kirkpatrick-Farley