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Unleash your creativity with these fun and easy DIY puppet ideas. From hand puppets to marionettes, discover how to make your own puppets and put on amazing shows for family and friends.
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Low Budget Mechanised Movable Eyes: Hellooo Instructables! Halloween is fast approaching once again and I would like to share with you a cheap way to add movable eyes to your cosplay, props or puppets. To be fair this can be used at anytime of the year not just Halloween This is a r…

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Last weekend, my kids came up with a delightful idea to put on a puppet show. The only catch? We didn't have any puppets. Seeing their excitement, I thought, why not make them ourselves? With a little bit of research and lots of imagination, we set out to create our puppet cast. We gathered old socks, yarn, buttons, and fabric scraps. It turned into a fun crafting afternoon, filled with laughter and creativity. Each puppet began to take on its own character, sparking stories from my kids…

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