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Immerse yourself in the world of Ralph Steadman, a visionary artist known for his distinctive and provocative style. Explore his captivating illustrations and uncover the stories behind his iconic works.
King of Gonzo: Portraits of Hunter S. Thompson by Ralph Steadman | Dangerous Minds Portrait, Comic Art, Art, Ink, Ralph Steadman Art, Ralph Steadman, Hunter S Thompson, George Orwell, Thomson

A portrait of Hunter S. Thompson by Ralph Steadman. Artist Ralph Steadman remained tight with his friend and muse Hunter S. Thompson until the later’s death in 2005—despite the fact that when Steadman first met the gonzo journalist in 1970 he was convinced that Thompson didn’t like him. And he wasn’t wrong. When Steadman was given the assignment to create illustrations for a story Thompson was penning on the Kentucky Derby for the short-lived publication Scanlan’s Monthly (The Kentucky Derby…

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James Wood writes that George Orwell, a Puritan radical who deplored poverty but detested privilege even more, yearned for an uncorrupted, premodern England.