Reading comprehension skills

Enhance your ability to understand and analyze texts by developing strong reading comprehension skills. Discover proven strategies to boost your reading comprehension and become a more confident reader.
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Freebie! One of the keys to teaching reading comprehension is showing kids how proficient readers think about text. Teachers have to find a way to make their thinking visible. One way is with graphic organizers.

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Perfect for kids in kindergarten through middle school, these reading comprehension strategies and activities for struggling readers will not disappoint!

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The ultimate goal of any reading teacher is for students to have strong reading comprehension! Although reading comprehension encompasses lots of different reading skills, basically we want students to understand what they’ve read. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? In a typical class though, you’ll have a variety of types of readers. There’ll usually be a handful […]

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Foolproof way to improve reading comprehension Foolproof reading strategies for helping your students be better readers! At one time, I honestly believed that if I only presented my students with a

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Reading is a true gift that opens up our world. Reading comprehension strategies are important. They allow individuals to actively participate in reading.

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Reading comprehension skills like making inferences, finding the main idea, and recognizing cause and effect are critical curriculum elements in any ELA classroom. As our students build their reading skills, they need to develop their understanding of 12 different reading comprehension skills. One of my favorite ways to teach students about the reading skills is with doodle notes. Don't worry...I've put together a 20+ page set of doodle notes that you can download for FREE! (Sign up at the…