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If one day you woke up and realized that every other person on planet Earth had vanished, what would you do? Panic? Try to find the meaning of life? Join the rest? Or have the biggest party known to now non-existent man, celebrating the fact that you’ll never run into another extrovert again?

Alejandra Benero
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Ah, the joy of having a driver’s license. I remember the amazing feeling of sweet freedom I experienced on my 16th birthday when I was told I passed my driving test. Suddenly, I felt like an adult, and the world (or at least my hometown) was my oyster. I felt mature, as I understood the responsibility that the open road comes along with, but I was excited for all of the new opportunities at my fingertips. A road trip to the beach with my friends? Stopping for coffee on the way to school in…

Apostolos Tsantoulas