Recessed wall ideas

Transform your space with these creative recessed wall ideas. Discover unique ways to add depth and functionality to your walls and create a stunning focal point.
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Hallways. You probably don’t think much about yours. What if instead of a closed-off corridor, it was a gallery, a library or even an architectural highlight of your home? Hallways can do more than connect rooms, they can reflect you, the homeowner.

Lacey Cunningham
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This project was at my mom's, who has a gorgeous house that is absolutely to die for. But she has this spot in her foyer that needed a little sprucing up. The foyer has a "niche", as I like to call it, or an inset dry-wall box on the wall to the right when you walk in. She wanted to dress it up, and add a wooden initial carving she bought online.

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If you've ever renovated an old house you'll know how weird and wonderful they can be! Our home had a fair few quirks once we started ripping walls down and measuring up for the extension. One of the biggest dramas (because there is always drama of some kind during a renovation!) was that the centre

Sandra Lopez