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Make a stunning entrance at your prom night with these glamorous red carpet dresses. Find the perfect dress that will make you feel like a Hollywood star and create unforgettable memories.
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Jon Bradbury
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Ivy's extremely gifted in school and cheer, she plays the role of the picture perfect girl trying to reconstruct herself after what happened to her sister and only has one goal for herself. Alex lives the playboy lifestyle planning to never settle, along with being a gifted football player at that. But with the lifestyle his father forces on him and his unsteady track record this fall to shambles. They never got along from the jump but a movie classic kinda encounter forces them together…

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Zeara Velesco is 17 and a very powerful witch. When Zeara gets pregnant she leaves town without telling anyone. She left when she was 3 months pregnant and now nine months later she's back. She wants to help keep Mystic Falls safe when news about some hybrid coming to town makes it way to her but things don't always go as plan Read to find out what happens when she comes back to town, and what happens when a certain hybrid takes interest in her (klaus x oc) (tyler x oc) only for the start…

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