Red chandelier

Add a touch of glamour to your space with these bold and beautiful red chandelier ideas. Elevate your decor and create a statement piece that will catch everyone's attention.
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About While working for the family business, Jacopo Foggini discovered the versatile nature of methacrylate, a material generally used in the production of car reflectors. Enchanted by the aesthetical and chromatic qualities of this thermoplastic resin, similar to glass yet tremendously light, Foggini started experimenting its use since the late ‘90s. With a machine of his own invention, Foggini melted methacrylate, and later polycarbonate, at 200°C transforming it into a filament that he…

Lola Nolan
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Fabulous pair of chandelier with rare stunning coral red color precious Murano glasses. Each chandelier with 36 glass blown elements supported by a chrome frame. With a light on the color of the glasses turn in a magic light effect with the fuchsia red colors. 8 E 14 light bulbs. Excellent vintage condition, glasses are perfect. Available two pairs and also a pair of scones. Details Similar to Toni Zuccheri (Designer) Dimensions Height: 45.28 in. (115 cm) Diameter: 23.63 in. (60 cm) Style…

One Wild Rabbit