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Discover stunning ideas and inspiration for individuals with red hair and blue eyes. Enhance your natural beauty and find the perfect styles that showcase your unique features.
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Deal of the Day Long-Lasting Laser Hair Removal at Home Discounted 20%! View Deal Celebrities are constantly changing their appearances, but this is a look we hope these beautiful redheads will keep. Here are 12 famous women who should eschew blonde and dark locks and stick with their red hair for the long haul. RELATED:…

Sarah McKernan
The 6 Shades of Red Hair: Which Specific Color Are You? Red Hair, Red Hair Blue Eyes, Red Hair Green Eyes, Red Hair Pale Skin, Red Hair Brown Eyes, Hair Fair, Hair Pale Skin, Red Hair Color, Red Hair For Cool Skin Tones

When we think of hair color, we often think of 3 main categories: blonde, brunette, and redhead. But there’s so much more to each of those classifications. There are shades and tones that can’t be summed up in just one word. Red hair is one of the most complex colors there is. Blonde is always light, and brunette is always dark. Red hair can vary from light all the way to dark, so let’s explore some of the varying shades of red hair. Looking for a way to make any shade of red radiant and…

Christina Cole
How to Match Hair Color With Skin Tone and Eye Color / 5-Minute Crafts Skin Tone, Colors For Skin Tone, Hair Color For Warm Skin Tones, Hair Color For Fair Skin, Hair Color For Dark Skin, Hair Pale Skin, Hair Color For Brown Skin, Hair Colour For Green Eyes, Hair Color For Brown Eyes

You can’t just dye your hair any color you like. You should take a series of factors into consideration, like your skin tone and eye color, in order to create a harmonious look. But don’t be scared — even if it seems difficult, it’s always possible to find the right color for your hair.