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Celebrate your special day in style with a restaurant wedding. Discover unique venue ideas and create lasting memories surrounded by delicious food and a vibrant atmosphere.
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I don’t think you choose to have a restaurant wedding as much as a restaurant wedding chooses you. You have to be a laid-back couple who are after a relaxed affair. The type of wedding planners where “great food” is the most important item on the list of what you want for your big day, and second is “not really having to decorate.” If that sounds like you, there are some big pros to hosting your wedding reception at one of your city’s finest eateries.

Barbie Sullivan
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For a traditional wedding reception, there’s a lot to think about - and a lot to pay for. If you have a smaller budget, you might be discouraged by all the costs. If you want a more affordable venue, consider a restaurant wedding reception. You can save money, host a smaller guest list and hire les

Leslie Santiago
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Casey and Matt never felt forced into any particular traditions when planning their NYC wedding. "Our style was always focused on simplistic, moody and sleek accents and when we had visited our venue a few times prior to our wedding, we had thought that the restaurant on the 2nd floor and adjoining bar would be the perfect spot to create a 'Gossip Girl' meets 'Mad Men' style event."


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