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Complete your outfit with a touch of nostalgia with our collection of stylish retro bags. Explore our top picks for a vintage-inspired look that will make a statement wherever you go.
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As bags and purses had established their purpose as an essential accessory during the 1940s, the importance of their role continued to progress into the following decade. By the 1950s, it was generally accepted that women would complete their attire with a fashionable handbag. Indeed, there were many social conventions dictating which purse would be

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(source) Let me tell you a secret...some of the best 1940's handbags are from the 1980's. Wait what? Well, what I mean is, you can find two very similar black faux leather clutch handbags that are nearly identical despite being made 40 years apart, and the 1940's bag can set you back 100$ plus- but the 1980's bag will usually be under 20$ bucks. So what's a retro gal to do? Now, I'll be flat out honest, I really don't like the elitist sec of the vintage community that looks down upon people…

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The start of the 1960s carried over most of the 1950s purse and handbag styles. 1960s handbags were sold in matching sets with shoes, belts, gloves and other accessories. As the decade progressed and the formal or classy look was replaced by the youthful mod style handbags became minimalist and futuristic with new plastic materials.

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