Retro lingerie

Step back in time with retro lingerie styles that exude vintage charm. Explore our top picks for a timeless and alluring lingerie collection.
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"Correct posture with the correct foundation garment combine to give a woman an attractive figure and will aid her in her quest for health and vitality." Foundations for Fashion, 1948 When people think of lingerie in the 1940s, what usually comes to mind are the glamorous, curvy, satin and lace pin-up girls whose pictures filled

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With a change in women’s fashion from flat chested tubes of the 1920s to a natural feminine silhouette, women’s 1930s lingerie played an even more critical role. As of 1929, women had waists at the waistline, breasts that were small but lifted, and flat tummies with narrow hips. An elongated figure was still the overall

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Today’s piece looks at various styles of retro lingerie currently available. In order for clothing to hang correctly, it is important to consider the underpinnings of one’s vintage outfit. The purposes and connotations of lingerie and why we wear specific garments over others is a complex issue. Historically, women’s undergarments consisted of numerous layers of

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