Rihanna red carpet

Explore Rihanna's most iconic red carpet looks that have turned heads and set trends. Be inspired by her glamorous style and get ideas for your own show-stopping outfits.
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Rihanna on the red carpet in 34 standout looks

Rihanna is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. From her trend-setting off-duty style, to her beauty industry-changing Fenty makeup, the singer-turned-actress, turned-makeup-mogul, turned luxury designer is also known for her daring red-carpet choices. Her Met Gala moments – the yellow Guo Pei gown (dubbed the “omelette dress”) from 2017 and 2018’s Maison Margiela Pope-inspired ensemble – are arguably her most memorable, setting social media alight with countless memes. But the megastar…

Heaven Brown