Rug binding

Enhance the appearance of your rugs with these creative rug binding ideas. Discover how rug binding can give your space a polished and finished look.
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This is a step by step instruction of how I bind a traditional hooked rug using binding tape. Of course you can substitute other fabric for the standard tape -- homespun (with a hem pressed on both sides), wool fabric used flat, quilting cotton ... you choose the fabric! Here's the directions in pictures ... To begin the process you'll need a ruler, pencil and scissors. [After reading this, if you have any questions please contact me at the email address in the body of this blog.] Begin by…

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Best way to bind cut carpet edge?

I have a lot of carpeting left over and I would like to use it as rugs in high traffic areas. What can I use to affordably bind the edges. The vacuum loves to grab a thread and run it around the roller. My immediate need is for about 40 running feet of edge. I shopped carpet edge tape but everything I found was too pricey. Please experts, tell me the name of tape or brush on glue or etc. that will allow me to use these remnants as rugs without breaking my bank. Thanks.

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Carpet Binding: Do it yourself or hire a carpet binding pro ?

Lets look at the DIY Carpet binding method. I have received some calls from a few customers over the past years inquiring about binding their own rug or carpet remnant they have in order to save some money. I try to help anyone who calls me with a project in any way I possibly can and to anyone out there who may read this, I will give you some insight on what is involved and some of the tools and items you will need to take on this project yourself. After reading through, you may want to…

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How-to bind a latch hook rug

Purchase latch hook rug binding. Fold over the canvas and place the binding over it to determine how much you need to trim. You do not want to see the canvas edges once you have sewn the binding. Cut around the canvas leaving three squares on each side. This will leave enough room to fold over and still be covered by the binding. Fold down all sides of the canvas and press down with your fingers to crease. Start at one corner and lay the binding over the folded canvas. Stitch a few stay…

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