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Description The Draconian Alphabet intended for use in parchments and otherwise communication. Two forms comprise this script. As indicated, either a printed version, or a conjoined cursive style displayed in the titles. An early version was formulated as a Dracling, then later developed into Draconian Script for use in Magical rites, particularly those in Dracomeroth. [link] Besides this alphabet, there are also Satanic Rune symbols used for the oracle by the same name by Blackthorne…

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Since the first entry in the series, the Ultima games made use of the Runic Alphabet on its maps and game manuals (see especially The Book of Mystic Wisdom from Ultima IV). Beginning with Ultima V, it was also used for many of the in-game signs, books, etc. This alphabet is especially present in Ultima V and Ultima VI, less so in Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two. The Translation spell found in Serpent Isle can translate both these runes and the ancient Ophidian writing. By Ultima IX, the…

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The earliest recorded runes were used by the early Germanic tribes of central Europe and are believed to date back 1,700 years ago, though many think they date back much earlier. There are many arguments surrounding the origin of the runes some saying that they originated from Turkish alphabets whereas others Latin and Greek. The

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