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Explore the rich tradition of Scandinavian costume and find inspiration for your own unique style. Embrace the beauty of Nordic fashion and create a captivating look that reflects your personality.
Fending off the snowy chill in a beautiful traditional Scandinavian Folk Costume. #Scandinavian #traditional #costume #clothing #folk #dress #travel #woman Traditional, Dirndl, Samara, Costumes, Persona, Costume, Women, Traditional Outfits, Traditional Fashion

Last year I began reading the blog, Folklore Fashion, it was brim full of breathtaking photography of Scandinavian folk costumes antiques and reproductions. Having never really studied much about this type of costume - I was quite intrigued. Some of the techniques I recognize (the gauging on the skirts, for instance) from 1860s sewing, but as for the stunning color, fabric, and embroidery combinations - I think they are just fascinating! It's amazing how all the different regions have their…

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Geographically, Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries, so its national costumes have a lot of features in common with neighboring Norway, Denmark, etc. But there is a number of differences that make Swedish folk outfits unique. We’ll tell you about some of them in this material. Discover the beauty of folk dress in Sweden with us. Let’s look at these top-5 curious facts about Swedish traditional clothing.

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FolkCostume&Embroidery: Overview of Norwegian Costumes. Part 1, the Southeast. Costumes, Norwegian Clothing, Folk Clothing, Folk Costume, Man, Nordland, Folk Dresses, Nordic, Traditional Fashion

Hello all, Today I will try to cover all of Norway. Norway has many beautiful costumes, and the folk costume culture is alive and well. The scene above, showing five different costumes is not unusual for festivals. The National Bunad Council Bunad- og Folkedraktrådet , the authority on national costumes appointed by the government, has developed five categories to grade modern day bunads according to ‘authentic’ regional folk clothing: Category 1 – a bunad that represents a final link in the…

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FolkCostume&Embroidery: Overview of Norwegian Costumes, part 2. The eastern heartland Norway, English, Costumes, Norwegian Design, Ethnic Doll, Native Dress, Norwegian Clothing, Norwegian Dress, Folk Dresses

Hello all, This is the second part of my overview of the costumes of Norway. This will cover the central row of provinces in Eastern Norway, the yellow and orange ones on the map below, minus the ones I covered in the first article. This includes the provinces of Oppland, Buskerud, Telemark, and East and West Agder. All of these have at least some areas in which folk costumes were a living tradition or within living memory at the beginning of the 20th cent. The National Bunad Council Bunad…

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