School counselor outfits

Discover stylish and professional outfit ideas for school counselors that will make you feel confident and ready to inspire students. Upgrade your wardrobe with these fashion tips and make a lasting impression.
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So you finally landed the job out of grad school and are ready to start as a School Counselor. Congrats! It's a difficult profession but you will make a difference in the lives of children, hooray for you! Here is a list of things I wish I knew as a first-year Counselor to hopefully help you.

Andrea Webb
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Where should the School Counselor be on the first days of school? Here's a post from one Elementary School Counselor to share where she goes on the first days of school.

Rebecca Doud
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Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned counselor, there are certain pitfalls that must be avoided to run a successful School Counseling program. It's exciting to step into your role as a school counselor

Lisa White
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Embrace your inner fruit enthusiast with our vibrant Strawberry T-Shirt! Perfect for those who love a touch of nature's sweetness in their wardrobe, this top isn't just a piece of clothing but a way to express your unique taste. It's a hit among goblincore fans, vegans, and foodies alike, celebrating the simple joy a delicious fruit can bring. Whether you're into the fruit of the spirit or just have a fondness for strawberry-themed attire, this shirt is a comfy, stylish way to show off your…

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Are you a first-year school counselor? Looking for where to begin or what to do first? I've got the hook up... start reading now!

Oklahoma Education Association
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On a limited budget, need to know the absolute must haves for an elementary school counselor? Here's the list of my favorite tools and resources.

Nicole Redden
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Coffee with the Counselors was born out of a need to nuture the partnership with parents. Whether it's working with a supportive administrator, partnering with your librarian, reaching out to community members, or getting teacher buy-in, each aspect of the community that surrounds school counselors is important and valuable. The partnership with parents is no exception.

Crysta Veillon